carry the can

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to carry the can ‎(third-person singular simple present carries the can, present participle carrying the can, simple past and past participle carried the can)

  1. (Britain, Canada, idiomatic) To take responsibility, especially in a challenging situation.
    • 1998, Arati R. Jerath, "18 partners hunt for one voice," Indian Express (Bombay), 25 Apr. (retrieved 21 Oct. 2008):
      For Vajpayee, who is keen that he alone does not carry the can for his unwieldy alliance, it is a tough decision.
    • 2008, Adrian Hamilton, "Comment: I wouldn't get too carried away by success if I were Brown," The Independent (UK), 16 Oct. (retrieved 21 Oct. 2008):
      You could reasonably argue that Brown himself should carry the can for much of the regulatory failure of the banks.

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