case of the Mondays

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case of the Mondays (plural cases of the Mondays)

  1. (humorous) A fictitious disorder associated with the tiredness, irritability, or distractedness that comes from returning to work after the weekend.
    • 1975, Black Enterprise:
      A reporter, who has worked his way up to a top-level and high pressured position with a large metropolitan daily, suffers from a chronic case of "the Mondays."
    • 2007, Joe Scartz, Bicentennial Baby, iUniverse, →ISBN:
      The road ahead for them is full of Syls and Caseys and Coopers and “Cases of the Mondays.” I hope they enjoyed Toy Story because if they thought Tim Allen was frightening then they sure as shit aren't going to be expecting that first Monday morning staff meeting now are they?
    • 2009, Lexi M. Schuh, Jennifer L. Dincola, How to Get the Promotion You Want in 90 Days Or Less: A Step-by-Step Plan for Making It Happen, Atlantic Publishing Company, →ISBN, page 214:
      Perhaps you may have played a role in the initiation of this potential fight, or maybe the combatant simply woke up tired, missed his bus, or is having a bad case of "the Mondays."
    • 2014, Joni Parsley, Tapestry of Faith: Discovering God's Beautiful Design in the Laughter, Tears, and Struggles of Life, Charisma Media, →ISBN, page 20:
      Today I'm having a case of the Mondays. For us, the weekend is often busy, but every now and then Mondays are just blah.