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Casters on a chair (def. 2)

Alternative forms[edit]


cast +‎ -er; the wheel sense comes from obsolete cast (to turn).



caster (plural casters)

  1. Someone or something that casts
    a caster of spells; a caster of stones; a caster of bronze statuary
  2. A wheeled assembly attached to a larger object at its base to facilitate rolling. A caster usually consists of a wheel (which may be plastic, a hard elastomer, or metal), an axle, a mounting provision (usually a stem, flange, or plate), and sometimes a swivel (which allows the caster to rotate for steering).
    Many office chairs roll on a set of casters.
  3. A shaker with a perforated top for sprinkling condiments such as sugar, salt, pepper, etc.
    a set of casters
  4. A stand to hold a set of shakers or cruets.

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