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Riņķa līnijas centrs (1)


Via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from Latin centrum ‎(central) (itself a borrowing from Ancient Greek κέντρον ‎(kéntron, sharp point)).



centrs m (1st declension)

  1. (mathematics, physics) center (a notable or important point in a mathematical or physical body)
    riņķa līnijas centrs — circle center
    rotācijas centrs — rotation center
    simetrijas centrs — symmetry center
    lodes centrscenter of a sphere
    elipses centrs — ellipse center
    smaguma centrscenter' of gravity
  2. center, mid, middle, middle point
    atrasties grupas centrā — to be located in the center of the group
    centra uzbrucējscenter forward (football player)
    varavīksnenes centrā atrodas apaļas formas zīlīte — in the center of the iris is located the round-shaped pupil
  3. center (administratively or economically important part of a certain territory)
    republikas centrs — the center of the Republic
    rajona centrs — the center of the district
    pilsētas centrs — city center
    Rīgas centrs — Riga's center, downtown Riga (also a district of Riga)
    ciemata centrs — village center
    lauku centrs — rural center (locality serving a rural area)
    Mārcis gāja uz centru, kur atradās skola, tiesas nams, lielākās mājas — Mācis went to the (city) center, where a school, a court house and the largest buildings were located
  4. center (an important urban area)
    viņi runāja par Brazīliju, kuras lielākos centros Toms bija bijis — they were talking about Brazil, to whose larger centers Toms had been
  5. center (the main or leading part of a system)
    uz vienas no peldošajām bāzēm atrodas kopējais vadošais centrs, kas savukārt apvieno un vada visu zvejas flotiļu darbu — in one of the floating bases is located the general control center, which unites and manages the work of the whole fishing fleet
  6. center (place, institution, organization in which a certain field of activity or its administration is concentrated)
    zinātnes centrs — scientific center
    mākslas centrs — arts center
    rūpniecības centrs — industrial center
    tirdzniecības centrs — commercial center
    republikas kardioloģiskais centrs — the Republic's cardiology center
  7. (of mental activities) center (the main focus or object)
    būt sarunu centrā — to be (lit. to be in) the center of the conversation
    atrasties uzmanības centrā — to be (lit. to be in) the center of attention
  8. center (part of the central nervous system that leads and regulates a certain organ or group of organs in the body)
    redzes, dzirdes centrs — vision, hearing center
    kustību centrs — motion center
    elpošanas centrs — respiratory center
    runas centrs — speech center
    zemgarozas centri — subcortical centers
  9. (politics) center (party, group of parties or political movement that, by their ideas and program, is seen as between the left- and right-wing parties)
    centra koalīcijacentral coalition
    saskaņas centrs — harmony center (name of a current Latvian political party)



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