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charitable +‎ -ness


charitableness (usually uncountable, plural charitablenesses)

  1. (uncountable) The quality of being charitable.
    • 1840 The Autobiography of Leigh Hunt: with reminiscences of friends and contemporaries
      The reader has seen, that my mother, notwithstanding her charitableness to the poor maid-servant, was a woman of strict morals.
  2. (rare, countable) A particular kind or instance of this quality.
    • 1904, Richard Pryce, The Successor: a novel, page 232:
      "It is a tradition. We must not be too much down on people who have been denied our own advantages." She spoke with an air of mild remonstrance. Vague charitablenesses were in her manner, and gentle expostulations.
    • 1930, David Snedden, School educations: sociological sources of values, page 70:
      [] the conventionalities, the decencies, the moral behaviors sought in small group — as loyalties, fidelities, fair plays, courtesies, kindlinesses, truthfulnesses, cooperations, purities, generosities, tolerations, charitablenesses, honesties, and []
    • 1947, in The New Era in Home and School, volume 28, page 66:
      But when the service of truth and the public good command, there are certain scruples which are immoral and certain charitablenesses which are dangerous.