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cherish +‎ -er


cherisher (plural cherishers)

  1. Someone who cherishes something
    • 1797, Charles and Mary Lamb, “Written on the Day of my Aunt's Funeral”, in The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb IV[1]:
      She was to me the 'cherisher of infancy.'
    • 1891, Henry Morley, “Footnote 3”, in The Spectator, Volumes 1, 2 and 3[2]:
      Sir Robert Drury was so cordial a friend that he gave to Donne and his wife a lodging rent free in his own large house in Drury Lane, 'and was also,' says Isaac Walton, 'a cherisher of his studies, and such a friend as sympathized 'with him and his, in all their joys and sorrows.'