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Chevon curry


US marketing term, from French chèvre (goat) +‎ -on, from mutton.



chevon (uncountable)

  1. The meat of a goat.
    Synonym: goatmeat
    Hyponyms: cabrito, kid
    • 1995, C. Devendra, P. Gardiner (editors), Annex 3: The Phillippine small ruminant industry, Global Agenda for Livestock Research, unnumbered page,
      While goats are already established as a good source of meat (chevon) and milk, sheep are relatively new requiring further attention in terms of promotion.
    • 2006, Mary Turner Stille, The Goat Care Handbook, 2nd Edition, unnumbered page,
      Chevon is the meat from the goat. Chevon is sold in finer restaurants as a delicacy for huge prices. It's been reported that chevon steaks can cost over $45 on the East Coast, yet many people refuse to taste is[sic] when it is served from our kitchen.
    • 2011, Kenneth V. Oster, The Complete Guide to Preserving Meat, Fish, and Game[1], page 181:
      If you cook chevon using too high of a heat setting, the meat will lose its moisture and become tough.


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