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chicken strips pl (plural only)

  1. Chicken fingers, or chicken tenders. A style of batter-fried chicken without skin or bones.
  2. (slang, motorcycling, humorous) The band of unscuffed tire surface at the outer edges of the contact surface.
    • "The harder you lean into corners, the more of the tyre you use. This means that a biker who rides hard will have an evenly-worn tyre. A biker who rides gently will not use the outer edges of the rubber resulting in a phenomenon known as 'chicken strips'. These are very uncool and a beacon to those in the know that the rider is a novice."1
    • "At our first gas stop, I was thrilled to note that the "chicken strips," those bands of virgin rubber found on the edges of most Midwestern riders' rear tires, had been burned off the Yamaha's 17-inch Bridgestone Battalax BT-20s. In other words, I was hitting some serious (for me) lean angles."2
    • "Is your chain due for replacement? Are your tires so worn that only the chicken strips left on the sides remain? Replace them now."3
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