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chink +‎ -y


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chinky (comparative more chinky, superlative most chinky)

  1. Full of chinks, laden with small cracks or openings.
    • 1826, ‎Benjamin Apthorp Gould, The Works of Vergil: Translated into English Prose
      [] the accustomed warmth pierced his marrow, and ran thrilling through his shaken bones; just as when at times, with forked thunder burst, a chinky stream of fire in flashy lightning shoots athwart the skies.
  2. (derogatory, offensive) Possessing attributes of, or similar to, a Chinese person or Chinese style or culture.


chinky (plural chinkies)

  1. (Britain, slang, possibly offensive) A Chinese takeaway restaurant.
  2. (Britain, slang, possibly offensive) A meal of Chinese food.
    • 2013, Harry Morris, Yer Never Gonnae Believe It
      I've had a Chinky, a Chic Murray and, afore ye came tae collect me, I had some fuckin' fancy Italian pasta dish. It was pure dead brilliant, by the way!
  3. (offensive) A Chinese person.