chug-chug wagon

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chug-chug wagon (plural chug-chug wagons)

  1. Alternative form of chug-wagon
    • 1907, The Voter, page 49:
      Michael Louis McKinlev, the Chicago Civil Service Commission, takes his recreation in an automobile and drives the chug-chug wagon himself.
    • 1915, Walt Mason, "Horse Sense" in Verses Tense, page 75:
      This man upon whose breast you lean too often has a jag on; he couldn't buy the raw benzine to run your chug-chug wagon !
    • 1919, P. G. Wodehouse, The Coming of Bill:
      Get a move on you, and I'll take you out in the bubble - the automobile, the car, the chug-chug wagon, the thing we came here in, if you want to know what bubble is - and we'll scare up some breakfast.
    • 1949, Melvin Hull Miller, A Study of the Circuit Chautauqua in Representative Michigan Communities:
      Perhaps fuel may have been added to this flame of hatred by the fact that the editor does not own a chug-chug wagon and probably never will be able to do so but the feeling had its origin when as a pedestrian he had been obliged to resort to flight and the protection of a telephone pole in order to escape some charging gasoline demon or has nearly seen himself whisked to the hereafter by being run over by a machine while crossing the street.