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chulo m or f (plural chulos)

  1. cute, pretty, lovely
  2. (colloquial) cocky
    Synonyms: arrogante, petulante


chulo m (plural chulos)

  1. pimp
    Synonym: bagaxeiro



chulo m (plural chulos)

  1. a term in foul language, coarse, profanity
  2. (Portugal) pimp (prostitution solicitor)
    Synonyms: cafetão, proxeneta



From Mozarabic شّولُ(šúlo) from Latin sciolus.



chulo (feminine singular chula, masculine plural chulos, feminine plural chulas) superlative: chulísimo

  1. (of actions) cute, pretty, lovely, cool, nifty
    Synonyms: mono, cuqui, bonito, genial; see also Thesaurus:guay
  2. (Spain, colloquial, of people) cocky (overly confident, arrogant and boastful)
    Synonyms: chulito, engreído, arrogante, petulante, altanero
    • 2017 March 18, Elvira Lindo, “Blablacar, el sainete”, in El País[1]:
      Después de que un tipo se pusiera chulo en el tren porque le pedí que hablara más bajo por el móvil, decidí que mi campaña por el buen uso del celular había concluido.
      (please add an English translation of this quote)
  3. (Chile, colloquial) ordinary, common, vulgar, rascal
    Synonyms: ordinario, rasca, chuliento, mugriento, flaite

Usage notes[edit]

  • Chulo is to define actions and means cute, but in people it means cocky. To describe an action as cocky one uses chulesco. For example, "una jugada chula" means "a cute play" while "una jugada chulesca" means "a cocky play".

Derived terms[edit]


chulo m (plural chulos)

  1. (Spain) pimp
    Synonyms: proxeneta, rufián, cabrón, cafiche, alcahuete

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