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chump +‎ -y



chumpy (comparative chumpier, superlative chumpiest)

  1. Short and fat, particularly in comparison with something of more favourable dimensions.
    • 1903, William James Smith, Practical Compass Adjustment:
      The Navigating compass should stand about five feet above the deck, [] . This is a convenient height for the officer of the deck, unless perchance he may be chumpy, in which case he may be permitted to use a step.
    • 1906, James Watson, (Please provide the book title or journal name):
      A chumpy neck is especially bad; for while a little dog may get along on a foot scent with a short neck, a comparatively large and unwieldy dog tires himself terribly by the necessity for crouching in his fast pace.
    • 2000, Michael James, That'll Teach You!:
      Susan Bennett sat rigid, smoothing her skirt round her chumpy thighs and fixing her gaze on the wall above Marissa Caldwell.
  2. (slang, of a person) Blockheaded; dim-witted.
  3. (slang, mildly insulting) Like a chump; annoying.