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civic-minded (comparative more civic-minded, superlative most civic-minded)

  1. Concerned about and supportive of policies and practices that serve the interests of society.
    • 1901, George Gissing, chapter 18, in Our Friend the Charlatan:
      "You have to teach ‘Blessed are the civic-minded, for they shall profit by their civism.’"
    • 1993 Sept. 19, William Safire, "On Language: Linguaclip ," New York Times (retrieved 21 April 2014):
      [W]hen the "H.O.V. lane" is activated . . . a lane is reserved for these civic-minded, traffic-reducing car poolers.
    • 2008 June 30, Jeremy Caplan, "The Citizen Watchdogs of Web 2.0," Time (retrieved 21 April 2014):
      Civic-minded techies are increasingly bringing Web 2.0 to political activism, developing new watchdog tools that open up congressional machinery for ordinary citizens to scrutinize and critique.

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