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Borrowed from Latin claustrum (a bolt, bar).



claustrum (plural claustra)

  1. (neuroanatomy) A thin, irregular sheet of grey matter underneath the inner part of the neocortex on both sides of the brains of mammals; its exact function is not understood, but it is believed to facilitate coordination between senses.
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Consists of claud- (to close, enclose) +‎ -trum. From Proto-Indo-European *kleh₂u- (key, hook, nail) + *-trom (instrumental suffix), related to Latin clāvis (key), clāvus (nail, peg), claustra (dam, wall, barricade, stronghold). Cognate with Ancient Greek κλείς (kleís, bar, bolt, key), Old High German sliozan (to close, conclude, lock), Old Saxon slūtan (to close, conclude, lock).



claustrum n (genitive claustrī); second declension

  1. (rare, usually in the plural) a bar, band, bolt
  2. gate, door, bulwark
  3. enclosure (confined space)
  4. cloister (especially in plural)
  5. (Medieval Latin) portion of monastery closed off to laity
  6. (New Latin, neuroanatomy) claustrum (thin lamina of grey matter in each cerebral hemisphere of the human brain)

Usage notes[edit]

  • Singular forms are almost never encountered; this noun is usually plural.


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative claustrum claustra
genitive claustrī claustrōrum
dative claustrō claustrīs
accusative claustrum claustra
ablative claustrō claustrīs
vocative claustrum claustra

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