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clout list (plural clout lists)

  1. (chiefly US, idiomatic, politics, ethics) A usually secret list containing the names of people who are to be given special access, benefits, or influence in a political or social situation, especially as a result of having personal, professional, or financial relationships with those in authority.
    • 1991, Thomas Hardy, "To make clout list, it's not what you know, but who you know," Chicago Tribune, 7 July, p. 4:
      By the way, joining Ronan in the move from "10 worst" to the clout list is his on-and-off nemesis, House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago).
    • 2006, Chris Fusco and Dave McKinney, "Governor's office kept clout list," Chicago Sun-Times, 17 May (retrieved 5 June 2009):
      Gov. Blagojevich's office kept a clout list of hundreds of state employees recommended by lobbyists, lawmakers and major fund-raisers.
    • 2009, Stacy St. Clair and Jodi S. Cohen, "Clout Goes to College: Clout list put on suspension,", 2 June (retrieved 5 June 2009):
      The University of Illinois announced Monday that it will temporarily suspend the use of a clout list in the admissions process—a practice school officials first downplayed after it was described in a Tribune investigation.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Used especially in Chicago and vicinity.