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clue card (plural clue cards)

  1. (travel, aviation) A printed card with basic entries listed for a global distribution system.
  2. A card containing a clue.
    • 1982, Susanne Glover, Bulletin Board Smorgasbord, page 97:
      Have children come to the board, take a clue card from the envelope, read it, decide which state it is about, take that state from the other envelope, and attach it to the large map in the proper place.
    • 2005, Leslie Marlow, Activating the Primary Social Studies Classroom[1]:
      Each team should identify one person on the team to do each of the following: (a) select a clue card, (b) read the clue card from other team, (c) state aloud the answer to the question, (d) move the game piece on the map, (e) keep the clue cards of correctly answered questions.
    • 2012, Melissa McClone, It Started with a Crush... & Win, Lose...or Wed!, page 223:
      Inside she found thirty dollars and a small key on a chain and a clue card. “Make your way to Coit Tower,” Millie read for the camera's sake.