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co'u (selma'o ZAhO ZAhO)

  1. (cessative aspect indicator) ceased; at the end of which (event); indicates that an event is being stopped, though perhaps not having been completed
    mi co'u citka le mi sanmi
    I am finishing eating my meal [some food may be left over].
    zo banro smuni ma .i ko'a zenba lo ka barda kei co'u lo nu ko'e tarmi ja nilbra ko'a kei co'a lo nu ko'i tarmi ja nilbra ko'a[1]
    What does "banro" mean? The first referent augments in bigness, at the end of which augmentation the second referent is the shape and size of the first referent; at the beginning of which augmentation the third referent is the shape and size of the first referent.


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