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co- +‎ direction

Alternative forms[edit]


codirection (countable and uncountable, plural codirections)

  1. (uncountable) joint direction of a film, organization, venture, etc.
    • 1968, Annual Report - Social Science Research Council, page 41:
      Under the first of these, 5 collaborative research training fellowship projects were approved, on the following topics: stages of expansion of the railroads in Peru and their impact on its economy, under codirection of Heraclio Bonilla, Institute of Peruvian Sudies, Lima, and Marcello Carmagani, Luigi Einaudi Foundation, Turin Italy;...
    • 2003, Jan Stuart, The Nashville Chronicles: The Making of Robert Altman's Masterpiece, ISBN 0879109815:
      Kitschy French music over the sound track inflates the Gallic jest to the max (Altman felt the film would be too inconsequential without it), as do the credits, which acknowledge the codirection of "Robert Vieux-homme" and the producing work of "Robert Oeufenweiler."
    • 2011, Aubrey L. Glazer, A New Physiognomy of Jewish Thinking, ISBN 0826438970:
      The primary direction or derivation of existence from faith's facticity is possible through the codirection of ontology.
    • 2013, Tod Polson, The Noble Approach: Maurice Noble and the Zen of Animation Design, ISBN 1452127387:
      As a result he began receiving codirection credits on many of the films he worked on.
  2. (countable, mathematics) An equation for a hyperplane in the tangent space modulo a factor that is a positive constant; cotangent direction.
    • 2003, Krishan L. Duggal, ‎Ramesh Sharma, Recent Advances in Riemannian and Lorentzian Geometries (page 80)
      It can be shown that the set of hyperbolic codirections consists of distinct pairs of oppositely-directed convex cones.
  3. (uncountable, mathematics) colinearity.