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coke dick (countable and uncountable, plural coke dicks)

  1. (uncountable, idiomatic, slang) Erectile dysfunction caused by cocaine use.
    • 1997, Michael Stone, The Low End of Nowhere, Penguin (1997), →ISBN, page 77:
      Half the time we went to bed, he'd get coke dick and we'd just sit around talking.
    • 2007, Annie Oakley, Working Sex: Sex Workers Write about a Changing Industry, Seal Press (2007), →ISBN, page 17:
      “He's got coke dick,” says Tia Lee flatly.
    • 2012, Heather Rutman, The Girl's Guide to Depravity: How to Get Laid Without Getting Screwed, Running Press (2012), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Another perk of fucking a nice guy is that he was never too drunk or too fucked up on drugs, so he never got whiskey or coke dick.
  2. (countable, idiomatic, slang) A penis that is flaccid as a result of cocaine-induced erectile dysfunction.
    • 2000 August 4, justin_sane22, “Re: Are VNV Aethiests?”, in, Usenet[1]:
      Anyways, how does Stephan fuck all his groupies with a coke dick?
    • 2006, Suzanne Portnoy, The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker, Virgin Books (2008), →ISBN, page 106:
      I really wanted to get fucked but I could see that wasn't going to happen, not with a coke dick, but he really loved giving oral, I discovered.
    • 2010, Paul Provenza & Dan Dion, ¡Satiristas!: Comedians, Contrarians, Raconteurs & Vulgarians, HarperCollins (2010), →ISBN, page 264:
      You'd look down and see your horribly shriveled coke dick and think, “Maybe coke's not so great.”