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Apparently a 20th century neologism, regular derivation from collage +‎ -ic. Earliest confirmed occurrence found in 1971: see citations.


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collagic (comparative more collagic, superlative most collagic)

  1. (rare) Like a collage, made from the assemblage of diverse things.
    • 1971, Filmmakers Newsletter (Suncraft International), volume 5, number 1–6, page 24:
      Each section of Markopoulos' GALAXIE is an unqualified gem, but put them all together and the film becomes a collagic bore [] .
    • 1977, Barry Walter Moore and Garth S. Jowett, Aesthetic Aespects of Recent Experimental Film, 1980 edition, ISBN 0405129130, page 94:
      His film Invocation of my Demon Brother [] has an open, collagic form which has as its center a magical ritual [] interrupted by discontinuous images which suggest the forces of darkness.
    • 1979, James Foley, Theoretical Morphology of the French Verb, ISBN 9027205019, page 18:
      Vulgar Latin : a collagic concept designed to cover up the failure of Romance philologists to comprehend the development of the Romance languages.
    • 1988, Lyell Asher and Robert Merrill, Ethics/aesthetics: Post-modern Positions, ISBN 0944624006, page 85:
      A second postmodernist impulse is found in the collagic, which critics and writers [] have seen as a means not of imitating reality, but of intervening in it.
    • 1998, Nina Rapi and Maya Chowdhry, Acts of Passion: Sexuality, Gender, and Performance, ISBN 0789003708, page 106:
      [Two CD-ROMs] are collagic and marked by the processes of crafting them from video, scans, and manipulated imagery.
    • 2005, Guiyou Huang, Asian American Literary Studies, ISBN 0748620133, page 43:
      [] postmodern collagic texts like Kingston's The Woman Warrior []