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colorum (uncountable)

  1. (Philippines) a public transport vehicle operating without a franchise


colorum (not comparable)

  1. (Philippines) (of a public transport vehicle) operating without a franchise; unfranchised
    • 1982, University of the Philippines. Law Center, Land transportation: proceedings of the First Institute on Transportation, 1980
      It does not mean, however, that out of the twelve thousand estimated colorum vehicles we have now in Manila have been reduced by four thousand. As long as the colorum operators take the risk of operating illegally on our thoroughfares, ...
    • 2017 July 18, Manila Bulletin, Uber, Grab broke the rules by tolerating colorums - LTFRB:
      "[...] it is clear that they have broken those rules grossly, putting at risk the tens of thousands of TNVs without PA or franchise to commit colorum activities,” said LTFRB Chairman Martin B. Delgra III.




  1. genitive plural of color