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From comadre (midwife; godmother) +‎ -eja (diminutive suffix), said to be after its sinuous and nimble (and therefore “feminine”) figure. Compare equivalents in other Romance languages (Italian donnola, Portuguese doninha, Galician doniña, Romanian nevăstuică) but not only (Greek νυφίτσα (nyfítsa), Danish brud, Arabic اِبْن عِرْس(ibn ʕirs)).


  • IPA(key): /komaˈdɾexa/ [ko.maˈð̞ɾe.xa]
  • Rhymes: -exa
  • Syllabification: co‧ma‧dre‧ja


comadreja f (plural comadrejas)

  1. weasel (Mustela nivalis)
    Synonyms: comadreja común, comadreja menor
  2. weasel, marten (a mammal of the genus Mustela)
  3. weasel (mammal unrelated to the genus Mustela)
    Hyponym: comadreja rayada africana (African striped weasel)
  4. (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay) opossum, possum (especially the white-eared opossum Didelphis Albiventris)
    Synonyms: zarigüeya, comadreja overa

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