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From Latin commendare ‎(to praise), from com- + mandare ‎(to commit, intrust, enjoin), from manus ‎(hand) + dare ‎(to put).



commend ‎(third-person singular simple present commends, present participle commending, simple past and past participle commended)

  1. To congratulate or reward.
  2. To praise or acclaim.
    • Dryden
      Historians commend Alexander for weeping when he read the actions of Achilles.
  3. To entrust or commit to the care of someone else.
    • Bible, Luke xxiii. 46
      Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.
  4. To mention by way of courtesy, implying remembrance and goodwill.
    • Shakespeare
      Commend me to my brother.
  5. To recommend.
    • Sir M. Hale
      Among the objects of knowledge, two especially commend themselves to our contemplation.
    • Bible, Romans xvi. 1
      I commend unto you Phoebe our sister.
  6. To force in a mental way.


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commend ‎(plural commends)

  1. (obsolete) commendation; praise
    • Shakespeare
      Speak in his just commend.
  2. (obsolete, in the plural) compliments; greetings
    • Howell
      Hearty commends and much endeared love to you.

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