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commensurate +‎ -ly


commensurately (comparative more commensurately, superlative most commensurately)

  1. In a commensurate manner; so as to be equal or proportionate.
    Synonyms: adequately, proportionately
    • 2019 February 27, Drachinifel, 12:25 from the start, in The Battle of Samar - Odds? What are those?[1], archived from the original on 3 November 2022:
      Admiral Kurita has no identification charts for escort carriers, and so, assumes that the distant targets are fleet carriers. Commensurately, by scale, their escorts must either be battleships or cruisers. The Japanese forces therefore continue to load armor-piercing rounds, what will turn out to be a very fortuitous mistake for their targets for as long as it lasts.
  2. With equal measure or extent.