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common +‎ -able.


  • Hyphenation: com‧mon‧able


commonable (not comparable)

  1. (of land) Owned, managed or used in common.
    • Francis Bacon
      Much good land might be gained from forests [] and from other commonable places, so as always there be a due care taken that the poor commoners have no injury.
    • 1824, Humphry W[illiam] Woolrych, “Of Pleading Rights of Common, etc.”, in A Treatise on the Law of Rights of Common, London: Joseph Butterworth and Son, law booksellers, 43, Fleet Street, OCLC 25929883, page 278:
      The defendant's tort-feasance is now set forth with the damage, and the plaintiff says, that the defendant with an intention to injure him in the enjoyment of his commonable estate, during the time of his being so entitled to his common, wrongfully put and depastured several cattle on the waste there, in consequence of which, he has been unable to make use of his commonable profits in as ample and beneficial a manner as he otherwise might.
  2. Of an animal: that may be pastured on common land.