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From blend of communicate +‎ fake.


communifake (third-person singular simple present communifakes, present participle communifaking, simple past and past participle communifaked)

  1. (neologism, slang) To engage in phoney or pretend conversation on a mobile phone for the purpose of deluding or avoiding others.
    • 2008, David Ortez, Do You Communifake?:
      Communifake is the act of pretending to initiate and maintain a fake conversation on your mobile phone around other people.
    • 2008, Ki Mae Heussner, ABC News/Technology, Why Do We Communifake?
      Dominique Gonzales is a chronic communifaker. "Absolutely, I communifake," the 27-year-old told "It's a little rude if you just ignore somebody. But if I see somebody at work who I want to avoid speaking with, I'll just take out my phone and pretend to be making a call."
    • 2008, Communifaking, Right Or Wrong?:
      Even I have communifaked few times and I admit sometimes it was just the feeling of insecurity.
    • 2008, Communifaking – The Latest Fad!:
      Welcome to the world of communifaking.

Derived terms[edit]