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computation +‎ -ive


computative (comparative more computative, superlative most computative)

  1. of or relating to computation, computational
    • 1891, “The Sun's Motion in Space”, in Science, page 254:
      Adopting (the additional computative burden imposed by it notwithstanding) Schönfeld's modification of Airy's formulae
    • 1913, Walter B. Pitkin, “Time and the Percept”, in The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods:
      The reckoning need not be genuinely computative (intellectual); it may take the form of motor adjustments
  2. calculating, shrewdly or selfishly reckoning
    • 1858–59, John Ruskin, The two paths: being lectures on art and its applications to decoration and manufacture, page 114:
      What will please reckless, computative and vulgar persons.
    • 1948, W. A. Armstrong, “The Influence of Seneca and Machiavelli on the Elizabethan Tyrant”, in The Review of English Studies, page 24:
      The demands of computative justice are thus unconsciously fulfilled by the last scions of a tainted stock.


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