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Alternative forms[edit]


From con +‎ crud (disease). The former part a shortening of conference or convention. The latter part meaning any disease, from earlier army and student slang for venereal disease (sexually transmitted disease).



con crud (uncountable)

  1. (fandom slang) An illness resulting from having people from a wide variety of places at a single gathering such as a convention, allowing disease to spread easily among them due to lack of immunity.
    • 1999 September 18, Allen Kitchen, “A proposal for ALFers”, in[1] (Usenet), message-ID <>:
      Much has been said about those who go to furry and SciFi conventions and return with the "Con Crud."
    • 2002 September 19, Julia Jones, “Re: US Dentristy and Optometry”, in rec.arts.sf.fandom[2] (Usenet), message-ID <>:
      The root canal will be done again as soon as I've recovered from my Worldcon dose of con crud.
    • 2003 September 22, diane, “Re: Gatecon report”, in[3] (Usenet), message-ID <>:
      any con crud? lots of people seem to have gone down with something, some are still stranded in Vancouver too ill to fly home :-((
    • 2017 June 10, Lightning Bliss, “Lightning Bliss's Guide to Con Survival”, in YouTube[4]:
      [I]t [the 6-2-1 Rule] is a well-known rule that every con-goer should follow, because it will help you to avoid the dreaded con crud.


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