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Borrowing from Latin cōnātūs, the nominative plural form of cōnātus.



conatûs pl

  1. plural of conatus
    • 1648 August, John Pell, “[Letter f]or the right Honourable Sr Charles Cavendysshe Knight &c // At my Lord Marquis of Newcastles lodgings in Roterdam” in John Pell (1611–1685) and his Correspondence with Sir Charles Cavendish: the mental world of an early modern mathematician (2005, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0198564848, eds. Noel Malcolm & Jacqueline Stedall, page 512
      So that it seemes an infinite businesse to [>scan all] his conatûs Cyclometricas.⁹ [>For By that time that] we have done [>wth] this, We are in danger to have as much more to examine.
      ‘Attempts to measure the circle’.