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concept album (plural concept albums)

  1. An album where the content follows an overall theme or narrative.
    • 1996, Edward Macan, Rocking the Classics: English Progressive Rock and the Counterculture, page 13:
      [] while the consistent use of lengthy forms such as the programmatic song cycle of the concept album and the multimovement suite underscores the hippies' new, drug-induced conception of time.
    • 2010, Marianne Tatom Letts, Radiohead and the Resistant Concept Album, page 19:
      Moore relates the concept album to the ideals of progressive rock in the 1970s, building on Sgt. Pepper 's appeal to unity at the album level (through packaging, characters, and a simulated stage performance) and articulating a "desire to establish a degree of aesthetic [that is, musical] unity greater than that of the individual song," []