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Etymology 1[edit]


consarn (plural consarns)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of concern.
    • 1863, James Fenimore Cooper, The Crater[1]:
      Howsever, sir, that is a subject that need give us no consarn.


consarn (third-person singular simple present consarns, present participle consarning, simple past and past participle consarned)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of concern.
    • 1898, Frank Richard Stockton, The Girl at Cobhurst[2]:
      There isn't no place," said Phoebe, "where there isn't somethin' that Miss Panney wants to consarn herself in."

Etymology 2[edit]

Alteration of confound.


consarn (third-person singular simple present -, present participle -, simple past -, past participle consarned)

  1. (in oaths, as imperative) Confound.
    • 1870, George Melville Baker, Little brown jug, page 17:
      Consarn it, Jarius, you are a hog, and no mistake.
    • 1898, Edward Stratemeyer, The minute boys of Lexington, page 33:
      Consarn ye, take thet ! " And he banged each of the inoffensive animals in the sides with the stock of his gun
    • 1913, Janet Aldridge, The Meadow-Brook Girls Under Canvas[3]:
      "Leggo my whiskers, consarn ye!" it shouted.
    • 2004, Cynthia Queen, The Major's Renegade, page 128:
      He came to camp follerin' this cat and a holloring, 'Here kitty-kitty-kitty' all over the consarned place.
    • 2008, George Barr McCutcheon, The Daughter of Anderson Crow, page 257:
      Why, consarn you, Anderson Crow, I didn't have any spare children to leave around on doorsteps.