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consultant +‎ -ese


consultantese (uncountable)

  1. Jargon or buzzwords used by consultants.
    • 2005,
      2003 February 22, Russell D. Lambert, Executive's Guide to the Wireless Workforce, John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 0471459895, page 24:
      "The real problem is that the consultant is talking in broad, consultantese abstractions, [...]"
    • 1993,
      1993 February 22, Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith, The Wisdom of Teams: creating the high-performance organization, Harvard Business School Press, ISBN 0875843670, pages x:
      "We never quite converted him to consultantese (thank goodness), but we did move him a little toward the center."
    • 1974,
      1974 February 22, Robert Kirk Mueller, Buzzwords: A Guide to the Language of Leadership, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., ISBN 0442255969, page 54:
      "Consultantese for starting out on an assignment with little or no prior outline"