consume mass quantities

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First used in "Conehead" sketches broadcast during Saturday Night Live television programs in the 1970s.


consume mass quantities

  1. (chiefly US, idiomatic, often jocular) To eat or drink food or beverage.
    • 1977, Transcript: Saturday Night Live, Season 2, Episode 19, 16 April:
      Connie Conehead: Merkon, we invite you to consume mass quantities.
    • 1995, John L. Hemingway, "Leisure studies and interpretive social inquiry," Leisure Studies, vol. 14, no. 1, p. 42:
      Suppose that A chooses, aftern returning from numerous expeditions to the shopping mall, to consume mass quantities of cheap beer )sic) while watching television, whereas B reads good nonfiction.
  2. (chiefly US, idiomatic, by extension) To use large amounts of any resource.
    • 2002, Mark Guzdial and Elliot Soloway, "Teaching the Nintendo Generation to Program," Communications of the ACM, Association of Computing Machinery, vol. 45, no. 4 (Apr.), p. 18:
      The implication has often been that they need to consume mass quantities of fast-paced sound, graphics and animation.