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Alternative forms[edit]


From an earlier cunteni, generally assumed to be from Latin continēre, present active infinitive of contineō (and if so, a doublet of conține). However, this is somewhat problematic as it deviates from the usual change of Latin con- into Romanian cu (preserving the n), and tenere into ține (therefore the expected result would have been a *cuține or *cuținea), but other exceptions also exist. Nonetheless, it appears in texts as far back as the 16th century. Other theories suggest a Vulgar Latin root *cunctināre, from cunctārī (cf. Aromanian acumtin (I stop, cease)). It may have been also influenced by *contenuāre, from tenuāre.


a conteni (third-person singular present contenește, past participle contenit4th conj.

  1. to cease