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conversation +‎ -al


  • IPA(key): /ˌkɒnvə(ɹ)ˈseɪʃənəl/
  • (file)


conversational (comparative more conversational, superlative most conversational)

  1. (of a person) Easy in conversation, chatty.
    • 1842, [anonymous collaborator of Letitia Elizabeth Landon], chapter LXII, in Lady Anne Granard; or, Keeping up Appearances. [], volume III, London: Henry Colburn, [], →OCLC, page 160:
      ...and her object being to procure Helen's smiles for the marquis, and the marquis's suffrage for Helen, the gay and the handsome were much less in request than the highly respectable, the agreeable, and the conversational; and, with her usual far-seeing cares, she carried her object completely, save in the case of the marquis, who did not reascend the stairs.
  2. Of, relating to, or in the style of a conversation; informal and chatty.
  3. (computing) Involving a two-way exchange of messages, such as between a client and a server.
  4. Capable of engaging in conversation.
    The patient is awake and conversational.
    My aim is to become conversational in German.
    • 2009, Journal of American Indian Education, Volumes 48-49, Center for Indian Education, page 35,
      This is the only way, she believes, students will become conversational enough in Navajo to pass on the language (NLА fieldnotes, July 2005).

Derived terms[edit]