cool as a cucumber

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Before 1727


cool as a cucumber

  1. (simile) Calm and composed even in difficult or frustrating situations; self-possessed.
    Even during the elections, Josh was as cool as a cucumber.
    • 1731, Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, Miscellanies: The Last Volume
      Pert as a Pear-Monger I'd be,
      If Molly were but kind;
      Cool as a Cucumber could see
      The rest of Womankind
    • 2011 January 8, Chris Bevan, “Arsenal 1 - 1 Leeds”, in BBC[1]:
      Seconds later, Dowd was pointing to the spot again - this time without changing his mind - after Walcott was tugged back by Parker. Fabregas, cool as a cucumber, fired his penalty straight down the middle of the goal.



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