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cornified (comparative more cornified, superlative most cornified)

  1. Converted into horn; horny.
    • 1966, New Scientist‎, page 290
      The least cornified, young cells stain violet or blue, more mature cells mauve and the most cornified, old and dying cells stain red.
    • 1998, Charles William Cummings, Charles J. Krause, & David E. Schuller, Otolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery‎, page 574
      Epidermis on the palms and soles is thicker and more cornified than epidermis on other areas of the body because of frequent use and superficial trauma.
    • 2002, Douglas H. Slatter, Textbook of Small Animal Surgery‎, page 499:
      The filiform variety are less numerous in cats than in dogs but are more heavily cornified, with backward-pointing hooklike tips.
  2. (informal) Corny, or having been made corny.
    • 2007, December 7, “Mal Vincent”, in Former boy-band singer takes a risk with 'Alpha Dog’ role[1]:
      “Timberlake,” it wrote,” is the most cornified and harmless of pop stars []



  1. simple past tense and past participle of cornify