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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of crack +‎ BlackBerry, suggesting the addictive nature of crack cocaine.


crackberry (plural crackberries)

  1. (slang) A BlackBerry, a handheld device considered addictive for its networking capability.
    • 2001 May 16, Steve Pyles, “Blackberry Service around WDW”, rec.arts.disney.parks, Usenet
      many people call theirs a CrackBerry. This thing is absolutely addictive! This unit can websurf, send/receive email, ...
    • 2003 December 1, Greg Brown, Latin Trade, Freedom Magazines, Inc.
      BlackBerry 7210
      Phone and handheld computer US$449
      The corporate gold standard, once called "crackberries" in Silicon Valley because executives seemed addicted to them.
    • 2005 March 1, Ron Seigneur (interviewee), Rick Telberg (author), Journal of Accountancy, American Institute of CPA's
      I just moved to a Treo 600 to replace my old cell phone and my Palm Pilot. Not quite a "Crackberry," but I just cannot stand those who have to check e-mail every five minutes.
    • 2005 October 1, Waxer, Cindy, Chief Executive (U.S.), Chief Executive Publishing
      Today, over 50,000 organizations and 3 million subscribers count on BlackBerry, dubbed 'crackberry' for its addictiveness, to receive and deliver email messages on the spot.
    • 2005 October, Paul Cunningham and M. Cunningham (editors), Innovation and the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studies, page 1368, IOS Press
      The Blackberry mobile office typifies this workstyle with...levels of stress generated in the individual such that productivity may be quantitative but not necessarily qualitative (the “Crackberry” syndrome).
    • 2006 February, Bill Sammon, Strategery: How George W. Bush Is Defeating Terrorists, Outwitting Democrats, and Confounding the the Mainstream Media, Regnery Publishing
      Roberts seemed driven to distraction by whatever was on the screen of his "crackberry"—which is what the infernal devices were nicknamed by their hopelessly addicted users.
    • 2006 May, Thomas Louis Ampeliotis, Pursuit of a Perfectionist, page 9, iUniverse
      It is a goal that...I have been obsessing over, and emailing myself on my crackberry so I don’t forget ideas, and one that I bother my friends with constantly.