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Alternative forms[edit]


craft +‎ -s- +‎ -man


  • enPR: krăfts-mən
  • (file)


craftsman (plural craftsmen)

  1. One who is highly skilled at one's trade; an artisan or artificer.
    • 1874, The Quarterly Review (volume 137, page 388)
      Dilettanteism presupposes art as botchwork does handicraft; and the Dilettante holds the same relation to the artist that the botcher does to the craftsman.
    • 2005, Plato, Sophist. Translation by Lesley Brown. 232d.
      And if someone wants to know how to make objections to actual craftsmen themselves on the subject of art in general or any particular art, there are published treatises available, as you know.
    • 2006, Edwin Black, chapter 2, in Internal Combustion[1]:
      But through the oligopoly, charcoal fuel proliferated throughout London's trades and industries. By the 1200s, brewers and bakers, tilemakers, glassblowers, pottery producers, and a range of other craftsmen all became hour-to-hour consumers of charcoal.
  2. A person who makes or creates material objects partly or entirely by hand.
  3. A person who produces arts and crafts.

Coordinate terms[edit]