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cram +‎ -er


crammer (plural crammers)

  1. One who crams or stuffs.
    • 1959, A.M.A. Archives of Pathology (volume 68)
      The pigeon crammers of Paris took mouthfuls of grain and water and spat it into the mouth of a pigeon.
  2. A book used for accelerated study in preparation for an examination.
  3. A student who studies hard for an examination.
  4. A teacher who aids such a student.
  5. A school whose speciality is helping students to pass certain examinations.
  6. (dated, British slang) A liar.
    • 1894, Reed, Talbot Baines, Tom, Dick, and Harry, page 107:
      Look here; do you mean to call me a crammer?
  7. (dated, British slang) A lie.
    • 1939 Frank Richards, The Magnet, Loder Looks for Trouble.
      I'm afraid he wouldn't mind telling crammers about it if he was questioned.