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From French crancelin, from German Kränzlein (small garland).


crancelin (plural crancelins)

  1. (heraldry) A chaplet of rue, as used as a charge on the arms of Saxony.
    • 1914, Charles Boutel & AC Fox-Davies, The Handbook to English Heraldry, page 151:
      A chaplet of rue, sometimes called a crancelin, is blazoned bend-wise in the shield of Saxony – Barry often or and sa., over all a chaplet of rue vert.
    • 1991, Jiří Louda & Michael Maclagan, Lines of Succession, page 204:
      His arms show the crancelin of Saxony impaled with the crossed swords of the Marshalcy of the Empire which went with the Saxon Electorate.
    • 2011, Norman Davies, Vanished Kingdoms, Penguin 2012, p. 565:
      The crancelin, running from upper left to bottom right, took the form of a crenellated garland in deep green.