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Alternative forms[edit]


cringe +‎ -y



cringy (comparative cringier or more cringy, superlative cringiest or most cringy)

  1. Characterised by causing feelings of embarrassment; embarrassing.
    Synonym: cringeworthy
    • 2008 May 4, Virginia Heffernan, “Voilà (Sort Of)!”, in New York Times[1]:
      The series features a fantastic, cringy scene set at the upfronts, and the whole show serves as an excavation of the prime-time TV life, from the high-flying ‘80s to the mystifying nows.
    • 2011, Rosie Scott, Faith Singer:
      It involved such a cringy mix of self-indulgence and vulnerability I didn't feel equipped.
    • 2016, Catherine Ferguson, Four Weddings and a Fiasco:
      'You're damn right I am,' declares Ron in a cringy American accent, grabbing Andrea in a showy embrace.
  2. Cringing; cowardly.
    • 1917, Charles Henry Lerrigo, The boy scout treasure hunters: or, The lost treasure of Buffalo Hollow:
      There stepped into view a man whom Glen had not seen before. He was evidently associated with Mr. Jervice, but he did not in the least resemble him, for instead of being a cringy weakling, he was big and strong and hard.
    • 1929, The Windsor Magazine: An Illustrated Monthly for Men and Women
      Possibly the thing had feelings of its own; there was no knowing. Just the little cringy sort that might inveigle itself . . .