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See also: crossover and cross-over



  • (to die): From the belief that the soul of the dead crosses over a river (as the Jordan or Styx) when one dies.


cross over (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of crossover


cross over (third-person singular simple present crosses over, present participle crossing over, simple past and past participle crossed over)

  1. (transitive and intransitive) To pass from one side or area, physical or abstract, to another.
    To reach the other bank of the river, we tried crossing over on a log.
    Not many actors are so easily able to cross over from television to film.
    • 1950 January, David L. Smith, “A Runaway at Beattock”, in Railway Magazine, page 53:
      The water tank at the up platform was under repair, so the engine had been crossed over to the down line, and was taking water from the tank at the north end of the down platform.
  2. (intransitive, euphemistic) To die.
    Sarah's grandmother crossed over last night.