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cunt +‎ slut


cuntslut (plural not attested)

  1. (derogatory, vulgar, rare) A promiscuous woman.
    • 2000 September 13, Marty, “obesity in the uk, USA, and Greece”, in alt.culture.macedonia-is-greek, Usenet:
      I happen to have crossed more borders than you could possibly poke a stick at, The things a cuntslut has to do to get some head
    • 2002 November 3, SteaHoover, “To Be a Democrat”, in alt.gossip.celebrities, Usenet:
      And while I'm at it, why was it such a crime that Bill Clinton fucked Monica Lewinski, but when Rudi Guiliani brought his cuntslut into the mansion, everyone just ignored it
    • 2015 August 28, SluttyCuntwhore, “Rape Fantasy Renee Phonsex [sic]”, in, Usenet:
      I'm cuntslut Renee and I want to be your sexslave.