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customer +‎ -ie


custie (plural custies)

  1. (slang) A customer.
    • 2012, Freeman Hall, Coworker Hell: A Retail Hell Underground Digital Short:
      So when everyone was stopping at the grocery store for one or two things on the way home from work, inundating each express lane with at least ten custies, the cashier on the express lane was due for a break []
    • 2012, Michael Daniel Baptiste, Godchild:
      It all took maybe three minutes, tops, and the dealer was now ninety dollars richer. He even gave the custie one for free to make it an even ten jacks.
    • 2014, Ramsey F. Venner, No Loose Ends
      We've only had one bad-weather situation since we've been in business. A driver before Ben was making a delivery to a custie in a residential neighborhood.