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cyber- +‎ navigation


cybernavigation (uncountable)

  1. Navigation through cyberspace or the Internet.
    • 2000, Rem Koolhaas et al, Mutations
      One can deride the playful, game-like character of cybernavigation, the illusion of the virtual world.
    • 2000, Dani Cavallaro, Cyberpunk and cyberculture: science fiction and the work of William Gibson
      At the same time, the console cowboy's cybernavigation is based on the idea of physical and mental absorption into channels (those of the matrix)...
    • 2004, Lynn Spigel, Jan Olsson, Television after TV: essays on a medium in transition
      The show's visual design transforms the act of television viewing into that of cybernavigation and exploits TV's analog signal to offer a digital experience...