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cymatoid (comparative more cymatoid, superlative most cymatoid)

  1. Rare form of cymoid.
    • 1942, Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland LIII–LVI, pages 234,⁽¹⁾ 235,⁽²⁾ and 236⁽³⁾
      ⁽¹⁾ In both, the septa are rather broadly waved in the dissepimentarium, and frequently show cymatoid carinae in the tabularium; the major septa are unequal and extend almost to the axis, without vortical curvature in the tabularium; dilatation of the septa occurs only near the epitheca.
      ⁽²⁾ Diagnosis: Acanthophyllum with about 26 septa of each order rather broadly wavy in the dissepimentarium, and somewhat dilated towards the periphery; the major septa are unequal and not vortically rotated, and may have cymatoid carinae in the tabularium; the cardinal or counter septum is frequently longer than the others.
      ⁽³⁾ Other specimens from this locality show a particularly strong development of cymatoid carinae.