da muie

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da (to give) +‎ muie (face). Roughly "to give it in the mouth".


a da muie (third-person singular present dă muie, past participle dat muie1st conj.

  1. (vulgar, slang, with dative) to receive a blowjob (fellatio) from, get head from
    • 2013 July 28, Nemerovschi, Cristina, “Cum am ciopârțit-o pe andreea bănică”, in Sânge satanic (in Romanian), MintRight Inc, →ISBN, page 158:
      S. îi dă muie curvei, în timp ce eu privesc fascinat spre vagoanele cu lumini aprinse în cușete.
      S. is getting head from the whore, while I'm looking fascinatedly at the railroad cars with lights on in the sleeping cars.


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