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Etymology 1[edit]

From DAKS (a trademark), a brand of trousers originally made in the 1930s by Simpsons of Piccadilly; said to be short for Dad’s slacks.

Alternative forms[edit]


daks pl (plural only)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand, informal) Trousers or underwear.
    • 2004, Bryce Courtenay, Brother Fish, 2008, unnumbered page,
      The usual stuff – sports jacket, a couple of pairs of daks, one brown and one grey, three pairs of socks, though I only had need for one sock in the meantime, two white shirts and a decent pair of shoes, though again, only one shoe being useful in my present predicament.
    • 2008, Dave Sabben, The Scorpion Dance, Denny Neave, Soldiers' Tale: A Collection of True Stories from Aussie Soldiers, page 144,
      But the pain′s still there, so I begin to drop my daks to investigate the territory.
    • 2010, Robin Easton, Naked in Eden: My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest, page 43,
      “Look, I'll pull the bloody leeches off you. Okay? They won't hurt you. They′s only trying to suck your bloody blood. Why waste a pair of clean dacks?”
    • 2011, Rory Barnes, Space Junk, page 14,
      They were still there the next morning, flapping in the breeze. Filthy, grease stained pair of daks. The crotch half rotted away.

Etymology 2[edit]

Non-lemma forms.



  1. plural of dak