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Etymology 1[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


dayee (uncountable)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of day.



  1. (Australia, dated) An ellipsis of good day.
    • 1955, Arthur William Upfield, Cake in the Hat Box[1], page 4:
      “Good day ′Un!” he said to the yardman.
      Day-ee, Jasper!” replied 'Un. “Day-ee, Silas! How′s things?”

Etymology 2[edit]

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dayee (plural dayees)

  1. (rare, India) midwife
    • 1855, North-Western Provinces, India, Selections from the Records of Government, Volume 3, page 184,
      The custom now actually and thoroughly established, and daily practised in these villages, is the following : — On the occasion of a birth in a Thakoor family, the village dayee is summoned, and after her services have been completed, she reports the occurrence to her relative, the bullahur ; he informs the chowkeedar, who causes the necessary entry to be made in the putwaree′s diary, and, if the birth be of a girl, reports the event to the thannah.